Trucking Accidents

Every year there are increasing numbers of trucks on the road which has increased the number of accidents and fatalities as well. These trucks are also called semi-trucks and tractor trailers and are generally used to haul goods across the country. Accidents involving trucks can cause catastrophic injury and even fatalities due to the enormous size and weight of a truck.

Due to the interstate travel of trucks, there are both state and federal laws regulating the operation of trucks. Operation of a truck is held to a higher standard under both state and federal law because of its capacity to do great harm and cause serious injury or death. How much weight a rig can haul, how much insurance is required, how long a driver can go without rest, and quality control in manufacturing and repair are just a small fraction of the kinds of conduct regulated in the trucking industry. If you are involved in a truck accident, hiring an attorney with extensive knowledge of these regulations and statutes is crucial to the handling of your case.

Truck accidents require the commitment and expertise of an experienced attorney. Contact our Van Nuys personal injury law firm to discuss how we can fight to get the compensation you deserve.