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A low-impact crash can cause surprisingly serious injuries

You may be quite accustomed to the volume of traffic in the San Fernando Valley area. In addition to freeway congestion, the surface streets can be packed with cars, especially at certain times of the day, increasing the possibility of a fender-bender. 

Rear-end collisions are common, often at intersections, but if you are a victim, the rear-ender may seem little more than a nuisance. You may get out of your car, check the damage and exchange insurance information with the other driver. Now it is decision time. Should you go on home or stop by the local medical center?

A closer look at distracted driving

California has a reputation for being on the cutting-edge when it comes to enacting laws to protect motorists traveling on its roadways. Legislators want to be aggressive when it comes to cracking down on unsafe behaviors to help limit the number of potentially deadly crashes that are happening throughout the state.

Distracted driving is believed to be a major factor in many of these fatal accidents, and the state has several laws in place that punish motorists who are observed using a cellphone while driving. Despite these laws, there are concerns by many that the penalties are not severe enough to deter drivers from using their phones while behind the wheel.

California personal injury lawsuits must be filed within 2 years

No matter how conscientious you are about driving safely, no matter how safely you drive, it is still possible that someone else will cause an accident through negligence or recklessness. When you are involved in a car crash, you might decide that you are going to take legal action against the person who caused the accident.

As difficult as it might be to think about filing a lawsuit while you are trying to heal from your injuries and help the other occupants of the vehicle heal, your time is limited. In California, you only have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit. This means that you can't wait too long after the accident.

A few summer travel tips for your family

The summer months are ones when families tend to travel. You have to take steps to ensure that you and your family members remain safe while you are on the road. Obviously, one of the biggest safety tips for you to remember is that everyone in your vehicle should be buckled up before your vehicle moves. This can help to save lives if you are involved in an accident.

Besides buckling up, you also have to make sure that you are giving your full attention to driving. You need to watch for what other drivers are doing and try to make sure that you have ample time to react to hazards in the road.

Conditions surrounding a slip-and-fall matter

When you are the victim of a slip-and-fall accident, you might decide that you are going to seek compensation. As you are building your case, you have to include certain points. One of these points is who is liable for the damages of your accident.

Proving fault in a slip-and-fall claim isn't always easy. There are several things that come into asserting this point. One of these is that you need to show that the person who is liable could have prevented the accident from occurring.

Reading a text while driving fast led teenager to kill a man

Distracted drivers kill. There isn't any nice way to say that. It might not happen to all drivers who are distracted, but the chance is always there. One particular issue that is coming up more and more is drivers who are too addicted to their phones to put them away while they drive.

The recent story of a 19-year-old woman who caused a fatal head-on crash should come as a wake-up call to drivers who think this will never happen to them. This young woman was driving when she received a text from her cousin. She was late for work at the time and driving at around 70 mph.

Do these 4 things after a car crash to strengthen your case

If you are the victim of a motor vehicle accident and suffer injuries, you will want to seek insurance company compensation. Steps you can take after the crash can help your attorney develop a strong case on your behalf.

A car accident can leave you feeling shaky, but it is important to gather information both immediately after the crash and as you pursue medical help. Here are four items for your to-do list:

Obese patients deserve proper health care

Obesity is a health concern in America. Still, some doctors' offices aren't properly prepared to deal with obese patients. One important factor in helping the obese population to overcome health obstacles is to encourage them to lose weight. How can they monitor their weight loss if their doctor doesn't have a scale that can handle weights above 300 pounds?

One in three people in the United States suffer from obesity. This issue isn't going to go away anytime soon. So, what do these obese patients need to do to get adequate health care? The answer isn't all that simple. Obese patients are at risk of some very serious issues.

Unsecured loads can cause serious problems

In our previous blog post, we discussed how semitruck tires aren't meant for driving at high speeds for long distances. These tires can blow out and cause very serious damage to other vehicles, which can lead to injuries of those occupants. This isn't the only problem that semitrucks might have when they are on the road.

Another very serious problem that semitrucks can experience occurs when the semitruck's load isn't properly secured. In these cases, the load can shift. This might lead to the load coming off of the trailer. It can also lead to the truck becoming unstable. Both of these issues can lead to serious accidents.

Semitruck tires aren't made for prolonged high-speed travel

Have you ever been driving along on the highway going a little faster than the speed limit and all of a sudden, you see a semitruck speeding past you? If your answer is an emphatic "YES," this information might make you so mad that you feel like you could spit fire.

Semitrucks are only equipped to travel at certain speeds. When these big trucks travel over the maximum safe speed for prolonged periods, they can become deadly projectiles. This means that speeding truckers are taking your life and the life of anyone else around them into their own hands in a game akin to a sadistic round of Russian roulette.

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