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Obese patients deserve proper health care

Obesity is a health concern in America. Still, some doctors' offices aren't properly prepared to deal with obese patients. One important factor in helping the obese population to overcome health obstacles is to encourage them to lose weight. How can they monitor their weight loss if their doctor doesn't have a scale that can handle weights above 300 pounds?

One in three people in the United States suffer from obesity. This issue isn't going to go away anytime soon. So, what do these obese patients need to do to get adequate health care? The answer isn't all that simple. Obese patients are at risk of some very serious issues.

Unsecured loads can cause serious problems

In our previous blog post, we discussed how semitruck tires aren't meant for driving at high speeds for long distances. These tires can blow out and cause very serious damage to other vehicles, which can lead to injuries of those occupants. This isn't the only problem that semitrucks might have when they are on the road.

Another very serious problem that semitrucks can experience occurs when the semitruck's load isn't properly secured. In these cases, the load can shift. This might lead to the load coming off of the trailer. It can also lead to the truck becoming unstable. Both of these issues can lead to serious accidents.

Semitruck tires aren't made for prolonged high-speed travel

Have you ever been driving along on the highway going a little faster than the speed limit and all of a sudden, you see a semitruck speeding past you? If your answer is an emphatic "YES," this information might make you so mad that you feel like you could spit fire.

Semitrucks are only equipped to travel at certain speeds. When these big trucks travel over the maximum safe speed for prolonged periods, they can become deadly projectiles. This means that speeding truckers are taking your life and the life of anyone else around them into their own hands in a game akin to a sadistic round of Russian roulette.

How do I prove medical malpractice?

Proving medical malpractice took place is not always as simple as it might seem. In order to have a strong chance of securing fair compensation in a medical malpractice suit, you must be able to prove a number of things to the court. It is always easier and more effective to pursue a medical malpractice suit with the guidance of an experienced attorney who can help you understand the nuances of the law and how it applies to your experience.

Generally speaking, medical malpractice mostly assumes that some member or members of the team providing your medical care acted negligently. However, proving negligence requires meeting a number of standards.

Pedestrians who are struck by a car can take action

Walking around town shouldn't ever cost a person his or her life. Pedestrians do face specific risks when they walk around. One of the most serious risks they face is inattentive drivers. Any driver who isn't driving safely or who isn't giving their full attention to driving puts the life of every pedestrian around them at risk.

Not all pedestrian accidents are fatal. Some of these accidents cause serious injuries. When a person who is walking along minding his or her own business is struck by a car, he or she might have to deal with the effects of the accident for the rest of his or her life.

Was the driver who caused your accident eating a taco?

If you were the victim of a car crash, do you know what caused it? If you were able to exchange insurance information with the other driver, you may have glimpsed the cellphone on the dash, so you figure the driver may have been calling or texting. However, there was also a spilled soda and a half-eaten taco on the passenger seat. The plot thickens.

You know how dangerous distracted driving can be. Many motor vehicle accidents occur because drivers are using their cellphones for calling, emailing or texting—even checking Facebook or Twitter. But there are other, more traditional forms of distraction that you might not have considered.

Club-goers urged to think of safety first

If you regularly attend nightclubs, you've probably noticed that there's a little more uncertainty in the air. Tragedies inside nightclubs both within the United States and internationally have changed the way that people are viewing nightclub safety.

Recently, George Washington University's supervisor of health and safety offered some advice to students who go clubbing:

Virtual medical visits serve a purpose, but remain wary

With advances in technology comes increased options for medical care. One new option involves visiting your doctor virtually. While this method might be appropriate for some care, patients should be wary of always seeking virtual medical care. Why? Because a doctor might miss things if the visit is virtual.

Let's think about a visit to the doctor's office. During a typical sick call visit, the doctor might feel your glands. This can help the doctor to make a diagnosis. But, in a virtual visit, the doctor couldn't do this.

Motorcycle crash claims the life of woman, speed likely a factor

Motorcycle safety is a topic that has been covered several times on this blog. Now that the summer months are close and the weather is nicer, motorcyclists are out in full force. Motorcyclists need to drive in a safe manner and other motorists must watch for these smaller vehicles.

Recently, a woman was killed in a motorcycle crash in Encino. She was a passenger on a motorcycle when she was thrown off of the motorcycle. She slammed to pavement and then was run over by several vehicles. It is unclear how many vehicles struck the woman. While the driver of the motorcycle was also thrown from the motorcycle, he wasn't struck.

Pay attention for wet floor signs when you go to businesses

One thing that is often a part of a slip-and-fall accident case is whether there was adequate warning for the victim to know that the floor was wet. Companies often use wet floor signs to give this warning.

There are many reasons why a wet floor sign might not be up near a spill. One is that the spill is still fresh, but this isn't something that is a factor if the wet spot is because of rain or an obvious hazard.


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