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January 2017 Archives

Avoiding the dangers of medicated driving

Many people in Van Nuys take medication for their aches, pains and medical conditions all the time. However, many of them are not aware of how dangerous medicated driving is. Some medications do more than treat conditions. They can alter people's moods, perceptions and their abilities to focus and control their bodies so they can drive safely and responsibly. If you are taking prescription medications, you should learn more about how they can affect your driving so you can take measures to increase your safety.

How older drivers are more at risk during an accident on the road

According to data from AAA, senior citizens tend to be safer drivers when compared to other age groups. Most seniors are careful to wear safety belts, they observe the speed limit, and they do not drink and drive. Even so, the data also shows that seniors are more likely to be killed or injured in a traffic accident than their younger counterparts. This is largely due to age-related issues, such as other diseases which make recovery more difficult and fragile bones that have weakened with age.

It's safer when drivers stop all cell phone use behind the wheel

Texting and driving are in the news all the time, and most people -- even if they keep doing it -- know the danger. What they might not know, however, is that it's really safer not to use a cell phone at all. That includes holding it and talking, talking on a speaker setting, and using it to figure out where you're going.

Dangerous conditions that may lead to a slip and fall accident

Falls can be vastly more serious than many people realize, and many Americans end up in the emergency room every year after slipping and falling. While the accident may take place in a split second and you'll have to sort out the how and why of it afterward, it's important consider the dangerous conditions that often lead to these accidents.

Study finds female doctors have more success with patients

When considering your long-term health and hospital treatment options, you want a doctor who has experience. You want a doctor who is well-trained and highly educated. You want a doctor who will offer you the highest level of care.


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