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March 2017 Archives

Some retirees are turning to trucking to make ends meet

Many people believe that older drivers aren't safe drivers. An interesting study has looked into the incidence of older truckers to determine if there should be regulations that are based on a trucker's age. Currently, there aren't any forced retirement ages that are in place for the trucking industry. The airline industry forces pilots to retire at 65 years old; however, that doesn't transfer to the trucking industry.

Key facts about late-appearing car accident injuries

Car accidents are often stressful and traumatic events. From fender-benders to multi-car collisions, there is a significant physical impact for those involved. Sometimes, people who get in a car accident do not notice symptoms of injuries right away. Late-appearing injury symptoms happen for various reasons discussed below. It is important for accident victims to monitor potential injuries and seek medical care to protect their legal rights and health.

Self-driving cars pose interesting questions regarding liability

The inclusion of self-driving cars on the roadways is raising some interesting questions about how insurance claims are going to be handled if the car is involved in an accident. The answer to this question isn't really simple because there isn't any real precedent for what is going to happen.

Know your rights when you are bitten by a dog

In a previous blog post, we discussed some interesting points regarding how to tell when a dog is likely to bite. This is one of the things that everyone should know because it might be possible to take evasive action that lets you avoid the dog bite. Unfortunately, some dogs bite without warning and you might not have time to get away. When this occurs, you can seek compensation from the dog's owner.

What to do if you are hit by an uninsured or under-insured driver

As surprising as it may come to some, even today, there are a few states that do not require drivers to have auto insurance. That being said, in those states, drivers may be responsible for paying vehicle fees or a bond to the state should an accident occur. Then, there are drivers who, despite living in a state that requires auto insurance, either neglect to pay for it, let it lapse, or simply make no effort to obtain it.

Tired of drowsy truckers causing crashes? Take legal action

Our economy depends on the almost-immediate delivery of goods across the country. Consumers are used to things like overnight delivery and being able to find just about anything at a store on any given day. This environment has put enormous pressure on transportation companies to be fast and efficient.


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