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A few summer travel tips for your family

The summer months are ones when families tend to travel. You have to take steps to ensure that you and your family members remain safe while you are on the road. Obviously, one of the biggest safety tips for you to remember is that everyone in your vehicle should be buckled up before your vehicle moves. This can help to save lives if you are involved in an accident.

Reading a text while driving fast led teenager to kill a man

Distracted drivers kill. There isn't any nice way to say that. It might not happen to all drivers who are distracted, but the chance is always there. One particular issue that is coming up more and more is drivers who are too addicted to their phones to put them away while they drive.

Pedestrians who are struck by a car can take action

Walking around town shouldn't ever cost a person his or her life. Pedestrians do face specific risks when they walk around. One of the most serious risks they face is inattentive drivers. Any driver who isn't driving safely or who isn't giving their full attention to driving puts the life of every pedestrian around them at risk.

Motorcycle crash claims the life of woman, speed likely a factor

Motorcycle safety is a topic that has been covered several times on this blog. Now that the summer months are close and the weather is nicer, motorcyclists are out in full force. Motorcyclists need to drive in a safe manner and other motorists must watch for these smaller vehicles.

Self-driving cars pose interesting questions regarding liability

The inclusion of self-driving cars on the roadways is raising some interesting questions about how insurance claims are going to be handled if the car is involved in an accident. The answer to this question isn't really simple because there isn't any real precedent for what is going to happen.

Stay safe when you spot drunk drivers early

When you are on the road, it is not enough to just be aware of your own driving. Unfortunately, other drivers may not make the best decisions, and you must drive defensively to protect those in your vehicle. The dangers of drunk driving are many, and your family is at risk when a drunk driver is on the road around you. If you are concerned another driver is under the influence and you feel you need to report it, watch for the following signs of drunk driving.

Avoiding the dangers of medicated driving

Many people in Van Nuys take medication for their aches, pains and medical conditions all the time. However, many of them are not aware of how dangerous medicated driving is. Some medications do more than treat conditions. They can alter people's moods, perceptions and their abilities to focus and control their bodies so they can drive safely and responsibly. If you are taking prescription medications, you should learn more about how they can affect your driving so you can take measures to increase your safety.

How older drivers are more at risk during an accident on the road

According to data from AAA, senior citizens tend to be safer drivers when compared to other age groups. Most seniors are careful to wear safety belts, they observe the speed limit, and they do not drink and drive. Even so, the data also shows that seniors are more likely to be killed or injured in a traffic accident than their younger counterparts. This is largely due to age-related issues, such as other diseases which make recovery more difficult and fragile bones that have weakened with age.


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