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Swimming pools require the highest level of care

California residents who own swimming pools need to be extremely careful to prevent a drowning from happening. You might think that drownings only happen when you're away from the house, when someone sneaks onto your property, or when your family is outside and actually using the pool, but there are an infinite number of unexpected ways a drowning could occur.

Know your rights when you are bitten by a dog

In a previous blog post, we discussed some interesting points regarding how to tell when a dog is likely to bite. This is one of the things that everyone should know because it might be possible to take evasive action that lets you avoid the dog bite. Unfortunately, some dogs bite without warning and you might not have time to get away. When this occurs, you can seek compensation from the dog's owner.

The city of Los Angeles allocates $1.4 million to fix sidewalks

The City of Los Angeles recently announced that it has set aside more than $1.4 billion to spend on sidewalks, over the course of the next 30 years. The hope is that, in doing so, it will not only make them safer, but more easily accessed by people with disabilities.

Dangerous conditions that may lead to a slip and fall accident

Falls can be vastly more serious than many people realize, and many Americans end up in the emergency room every year after slipping and falling. While the accident may take place in a split second and you'll have to sort out the how and why of it afterward, it's important consider the dangerous conditions that often lead to these accidents.

Store safety: Falling objects and premises liability

You were walking through a store, minding your own business, when a box suddenly tumbled down from above. It might have been unsteady because of customers trying to reach it, or maybe workers hadn't put the stock away correctly. Either way, you now have a nasty injury to your head and need medical attention. Who should be held responsible for this accident?


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