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truck accident Archives

Unsecured loads can cause serious problems

In our previous blog post, we discussed how semitruck tires aren't meant for driving at high speeds for long distances. These tires can blow out and cause very serious damage to other vehicles, which can lead to injuries of those occupants. This isn't the only problem that semitrucks might have when they are on the road.

Semitruck tires aren't made for prolonged high-speed travel

Have you ever been driving along on the highway going a little faster than the speed limit and all of a sudden, you see a semitruck speeding past you? If your answer is an emphatic "YES," this information might make you so mad that you feel like you could spit fire.

Some retirees are turning to trucking to make ends meet

Many people believe that older drivers aren't safe drivers. An interesting study has looked into the incidence of older truckers to determine if there should be regulations that are based on a trucker's age. Currently, there aren't any forced retirement ages that are in place for the trucking industry. The airline industry forces pilots to retire at 65 years old; however, that doesn't transfer to the trucking industry.

Tired of drowsy truckers causing crashes? Take legal action

Our economy depends on the almost-immediate delivery of goods across the country. Consumers are used to things like overnight delivery and being able to find just about anything at a store on any given day. This environment has put enormous pressure on transportation companies to be fast and efficient.

Truck accidents carry an extremely high degree of risk

The odds of being hurt in a truck accident are exceptionally high for those in passenger cars. Part of the reason for this increased risk is just that trucks are so heavy, often weighing 25 times what a passenger car weighs. That's a lot of potential energy to be transferred into the smaller vehicle.


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