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Serious accident associated with DUI claims 2 lives

Two people -- a woman and girl -- recently lost their lives in a tragic car crash in California. The serious accident took place along the state's 22 Freeway. A man was arrested following the accident, which police said was the result of his decision to drink and drive.

The deadly crash occurred at a little before 1 a.m. According to authorities, a man was driving a car quickly. All of a sudden, his car struck the back of another car in the highway's carpool lane. At that point, the second car hit a wall on the road's right shoulder.

Do these 5 things after a motorcycle accident

One of the best aspects of living in the Van Nuys area is the gorgeous scenery. While looking out the window of a car is an effective way to take in the views, nothing beats hitting the open road on a motorcycle. Every time you ride, you plan to arrive at your destination safely. Even if you always ride responsibly, however, you may not be able to avoid a motorcycle accident. 

As you probably know, a wreck on your bike could leave you with serious injuries and extensive property damage. To protect your legal rights, you must take command of the accident scene. Here are five things to do after a motorcycle accident. 

Car accidents on California highways may result in major injuries

Two people have suffered injuries in a motor vehicle collision in California. The accident occurred on a recent Saturday morning. At times, these types of car accidents are the result of a motorist's carelessness, in which case, the motorist may be held liable for any deaths or injuries resulting from the wreck.

The accident took place at 9:30 a.m. in the northbound lanes of Highway 101. Police said three cars ended up colliding with one another. Two people were injured in the motor vehicle crash.

Slip-and-fall accident may spark premises liability claim

When people enter a store, they generally expect to shop in relatively safe conditions. Unfortunately, sometimes things do not go as planned and they end up suffering injuries in slip-and-fall accidents instead. Fortunately, if a store's negligence causes such an accident, this is grounds for a premises liability lawsuit, in which the victim may seek compensation for his or her injuries. Here are a few critical steps to take immediately following a slip-and-fall accident in California.  

First, directly after the accident, the victim would be wise to pursue medical attention right away. This is important because a doctor can document the victim's injuries appropriately. The injured party's medical records can eventually serve as crucial pieces of evidence as part of a premises liability claim.

Serious accident claims 1 life, leads to DUI arrest

A man has sadly lost his life in a California car accident. The serious accident occurred late at night on a recent Tuesday. According to authorities, another man's decision to drink and drive caused the tragic collision.

The crash happened at about 11:35 p.m. Police said a man was driving a car and all of a sudden struck a pickup truck. The pickup truck ended up hitting a dump truck that was in a construction zone along Interstate 805. The man who was in the pickup truck suffered injuries and was taken to the hospital but subsequently passed away.

How to recognize the signs of a concussion after a car crash

Many injuries can arise following a car accident. One of the most common involves experiencing a concussion. Former reality television star Melyssa Ford was recently in a near-fatal wreck in Los Angeles, and she reported suffering from an intense concussion in the aftermath. 

You need to see a doctor the same day you were in the auto accident. The symptoms of a concussion will only grow worse over time, and you seriously jeopardize your claim if you cannot draw a direct correlation between the vehicle wreck and your newly developed symptoms. 

Tips for driving in the rain

It does not rain all the time in Los Angeles. This becomes incredibly apparent when it comes to traffic because many Los Angeles drivers do not know how to drive when it rains

Even if you consider yourself a safe driver no matter the weather, it is vital to know the basic guidelines for driving in the rain. Following these tips can reduce your likelihood of ending up in a car accident

Serious accident leads to 1 death, 2 injuries

A man's life was recently cut short in a tragic motor vehicle accident in California. Now, the deceased man's surviving family members are left to question how they could have lost their loved one so soon. The serious accident took place along California's 101 Freeway and involved at least a couple of other cars.

The recent accident took place on a Tuesday at about 10:46 a.m. According to authorities, a sport utility vehicle rolled and ended up catching fire. A man, 40, who was inside the sport utility vehicle died in the crash.

Do elderly drivers make the roads more dangerous?

Five people died in a horrific three-vehicle crash northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. A sixth person survived with critical injuries. A 76-year-old driver traveling with wife tried to pass a pick-up truck driven by a man and woman from Pahrump, Nevada. The Las Vegas driver swung into the southbound lane around the truck. He failed to notice the lane was not clear. His misjudgment resulted in a fiery head-on crash with an oncoming vehicle occupied by a couple in their late 70's from Chula Vista, California. The two-vehicle accident pushed the truck off the road, causing it to flip. The truck driver died, and medical rescue took his wife to a Las Vegas trauma hospital by helicopter.  

Speaking to a news reporter, the daughter of the Las Vegas driver responsible for the crash believed fatigue impaired her father's judgment.  

Woman files premises liability suit against Texas Roadhouse

A woman in another state recently claimed that she was injured at a Texas Roadhouse in a slip-and-fall accident. She has thus filed a premises liability suit against the national chain, seeking damages. Anyone in California who likewise suffers injuries in this type of accident, stemming from a business property owner's negligence, has the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

According to the woman's lawsuit, she was dining at Texas Roadhouse one day and ended up slipping and falling on a slippery or wet substance that had been left on the floor. The woman asserted that the fall caused her to suffer injuries and pain. She also allegedly suffered disability, scarring and disfigurement.

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