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Certain steps are important to take following serious accident

Following a car collision in California, the crash scene can understandably be highly chaotic. If you suffer injuries in a serious accident resulting from the alleged negligence of another driver, seeking medical treatment right away is paramount. However, if you can stay at the accident site, taking a few steps may help you to protect your best interests in the event you decide to seek compensation for your injuries in the future.

First, contacting police and having them come to the accident scene is critical. Police officers can produce a police report on the collision for you. If you hear other parties at the scene make statements regarding the possible causes of the accident, it is important to ensure that this information is included in the police report. However, you may be wise to avoid accepting responsibility or admitting fault on your end.

Big rig crashes are often related to time of day

Fatigue is a major issue for anyone driving a vehicle because it is an insidious, slow-to-develop condition that can result in disaster on the roadway.

Truck drivers are prone to fatigue, and studies find that at certain times of day, they are more at risk for an accident that could endanger other motorists.

California car accidents may result from drinking and driving

Three teenagers' lives were recently cut short as a result of a fiery motor vehicle wreck in Southern California. The collision was apparently the result of a driver who police said was intoxicated at the time of the collision. Fortunately, those who lose loved ones in car accidents caused by alleged drunk drivers have the right to hold these drivers accountable through the civil court system.

The collision took place at about 1 a.m. on a Thursday. According to police, four teenagers from a different state were spending their spring break in California when the crash happened. The teenagers had reportedly come to a halt at a red light along Pacific Coast Highway when another motor vehicle hit the back side of their car.

Water on floor may lead to slip-and-fall accidents at McDonald's

A young girl in another state reportedly suffered injuries after slipping and falling while at a McDonald's restaurant. Her mother decided to file a lawsuit against the eatery, claiming that her child's injuries were the result of the property owner's carelessness. Apparently, the lawsuit was recently settled before trial. Individuals in California and elsewhere who suffer injuries in slip-and-fall accidents due to a property owner's negligence have the right to seek justice.

In the recent out-of-state case, the woman asserted that she and her daughter were at the McDonald's restaurant one day in 2014 when her daughter was injured. The slip-and-fall accident reportedly happened because some water was on the floor at the time. The woman claimed that no signs warning customers that the floor was wet had been set up in the area where her daughter fell, even though the restaurant's staff knew about the hazardous condition of the floor.

5 lose lives in serious accident

Five people's lives have been cut short in a tragic motor vehicle collision in California. The serious accident took place along Highway 43 on a recent Sunday night. In the accident, a car ended up being split in half as a result of the fatal impact.

According to authorities, a man was driving a car along the highway. All of a sudden, a pickup truck struck the car head-on. The man who was driving, along with his son and two daughters in the car, died at the crash scene. Meanwhile, a second son suffered critical injuries and was taken to the hospital.

2-year-old killed; possible premises liability concern

Safety is a primary concern for individuals and businesses throughout California. The average homeowner, business manager and property owner take great care in making sure that the environment for which they are responsible is safe and free from obstacles that could cause injury to another individual. Failure to take such precautions can result in premises liability claims being filed in civil court.

Recently, a young girl lost her life in a tragic accident. A mom took her two children to her local Payless ShoeSource to look for shoes. While shopping, her 2-year-old daughter was near one of the mirrors hanging on the store wall. Suddenly, the mirror fell from the wall and struck the child. The girl died as a result of the accident.

The force of even a low-impact crash can result in TBI

The injuries sustained in a rear-end collision can be surprisingly severe. Head injuries, for example, are very common for victims of low-impact crashes.

In a rear-end collision, the problem is the force of the impact and how prepared you are to deal with it. Your head, neck and back are at particular risk, with traumatic brain injury being among the issues you hope to avoid.

Accidents involving trucks can have devastating consequences

Being involved in a road accident is naturally a harrowing experience. However, accidents involving trucks, such as 18-wheelers, typically cause catastrophic injuries or fatalities. While most big rig drivers in California comply with the regulations that govern them, some preventable errors can have devastating consequences. Driver fatigue can be blamed in many instances due to unrealistic demands and deadlines of employers or financial pressures that force drivers to exceed allowed driving hours.

Companies sometimes fail to ensure that their truck operators are adequately trained. Driving a commercial truck requires specialized training -- not only in driving the vehicle but also loading cargo and securing and balancing loads. Operator errors can also include distractions and driving while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or even over-the-counter medicines.

Road rage often results in car accidents

Drivers often face a number of challenges. In addition to watching out for road hazards, California drivers must also remain vigilant and aware of the other drivers on the road. Car accidents often occur when something happens to cause the driver to lose focus.

Road rage has become a problem along many roads throughout the state and country. For whatever reason, a driver does something that upsets another driver. Perhaps the driver is not going fast enough or changes lanes. Regardless of the reason, another driver becomes upset and decides to do something about it. This action often results in what has become known as road rage.

Slip-and-fall accidents: Tennis star Eugenie Bouchard settles

One apparently small accident can have lasting results. California residents often take care to watch where they walk, pay attention to traffic around them and remain vigilant for apparent obstacles that may cause them harm. Unfortunately, not all accidents, and slip\-and\-fall accidents in particular, can be avoided.

In 2015, Eugenie Bouchard was participating in the United States Tennis Association's U.S. Open. After participating in a late night match, she entered an unlit training room. Unknown to her at the time, the floor had recently been cleaned and was still wet. She slipped and landed on her back with her head crashing into the floor. The end result was a devastating concussion.

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