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An app might have prevented the accident you experienced

Let us imagine that you are the victim of a car crash caused by a teenage driver who was texting at the time of the accident. Fortunately, your injuries are not life-threatening, but your arm would probably not be in a cast now if the other driver had resisted using her cellphone.

Now there is an innovative collection of apps available that wise parents are using to prevent cellphone-related distractions when their teens are behind the wheel.

Former running back Ryan Folsom killed in serious accident

Life can change without warning. Upon leaving home, one generally expects to arrive at his or her destination, complete the reason for being there and then return home. However, another individual's actions can have life-altering effects for numerous California residents. Rather than returning home, a loved one can be involved in a serious accident.

Recently, Ryan Folsom, a former running back for Brigham Young University, was involved in a tragic accident. After completing course work to become a doctor, he was on his way to an interview for a residency program. Unfortunately, he never arrived at the interview. While traveling south on I-5, Folsom was involved in a collision.

Premises liability: Could you be eligible for compensation?

Many television shows portray the country's legal system as simple and quick. People in California who have been involved in court cases and lawsuits can likely attest that neither are true. Many experienced with the process would also likely agree that the right lawyer can help make the complicated process less overwhelming. One woman may be eligible for compensation once her slip-and-fall accident lawsuit proceeds through the civil justice system in her state.

Stomach pain and shortness of breath prompted the woman to seek help from a hospital. While there, she was apparently told to walk to another floor to get a chest X-ray. Unfortunately, she slipped and fell before making it to the radiology department.

Truck accidents can cause serious injury

California's roadways are filled with cars and trucks each vying for space and the opportunity to move through the traffic. In the midst of the often heavy traffic, drivers are attempting to go to work, to school and to run everyday errands. Additionally, truck drivers are navigating the roads while making deliveries. For the most part, traffic flows as well as can be expected; however, when something goes wrong and a truck is involved in an accident, serious injury can occur.

Recently, the driver of a delivery truck apparently lost control of his vehicle. This resulted in his truck colliding with a car filled with a family of five. Fortunately, these individuals did not suffer injury; however, the truck also hit two pedestrians. Reports indicate that the impact was great enough to shove one of the men approximately 10 to 15 feet. One of the men hit suffered critical injury and internal bleeding while the other suffered a broken rib as well as a punctured lung.

Hit-and-run driver causes serious accident

Accidents happen. Typically, when an serious accident occurs along a California roadway, all drivers involved stop, report the accident to the proper authorities, make sure that everyone is okay and exchange insurance information. These steps are not only required by law but also are the right thing to do. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. There are times when drivers choose to avoid responsibility for their actions.

Rather than tuck his children into bed on Christmas night, one man lost his life in an accident with a hit-and-run driver. The 32-year-old man driving the sedan was declared dead at the accident site. Three children and the man's fiancée were also injured in the accident. The finance was pregnant at the time of the accident, and the baby was delivered by C-Section shortly after she arrived at the hospital.

Car accidents occur when drivers do not adhere to traffic laws

Crossing the street should be a simple process. Stop at the crosswalk, look both ways and then proceed. As long as everyone else is doing what they should be doing, the California resident should be able to safely cross. However, when drivers fail to follow traffic laws, car accidents occur.

Recently, a 17-year-old young lady went for tacos with her boyfriend. This venture required the couple to walk across one or more streets. However, they apparently did as they were supposed to and attempted to cross at a crosswalk. Unfortunately, while in the crosswalk, they were struck by a car.

Distracted driving—is it only about cellphones and texting?

One of the main issues with texting while driving is that it requires all three major types of distraction: visual, manual and cognitive. However, there is much more to distracted driving than sending and receiving text messages.

If you are the victim of an accident you believe was caused by a distracted driver, any information you can provide is sure to be helpful to your case. Distracted driving is not always about cellphone use.

Serious accident claims 2 lives; teenage driver arrested

Drinking and driving can be a deadly combination. After one or two drinks, some California residents believe that they are still okay to drive. Unfortunately, this is often a mistaken assumption, and a serious accident is the result.

The average adult is a more proficient driver than a teenage. However, many teenagers assume that they are young and invulnerable. This may have been the case in a recent accident involving a teenage driver who is believed to have been under the influence when the accident occurred. According to police, it is believed that both alcohol and excessive speed were factors in this accident.

California truck accident claims life

Accidents happen. Many times, the accident is minor, and no one is injured. At other times, a California accident is serious, and people are injured or killed. The severity of the accident depends upon a number of factors, one of which being whether it is a truck accident.

Recently, an accident involving a rented box truck injured several and killed one individual. Apparently, the driver of the box truck slammed into the rear of a vehicle waiting in line at a toll booth. The force of this collision caused a number of vehicles to collide. It also caused one vehicle to crash into the toll booth. This collision killed the toll booth operator and five others caught in this collision were transported to the hospital for medical attention.

Animal attacks can cause serious injury

No one thinks that it will happen to them. One minute the California resident is walking along and the next, he or she is suddenly attacked. Unfortunately, animal attacks occur all too often, and many times the victim has little available to use as a defense against the attack.

Recently, a pit bull apparently broke free from its leash as it was out for a walk. Once free, the dog ran onto another person's property as the property owner was walking to his car. The dog charged at the man and bit him on the leg, leaving a bite wound once the man was finally able to fend off the dog.

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