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Serious accident claims 2 lives; teenage driver arrested

Drinking and driving can be a deadly combination. After one or two drinks, some California residents believe that they are still okay to drive. Unfortunately, this is often a mistaken assumption, and a serious accident is the result.

The average adult is a more proficient driver than a teenage. However, many teenagers assume that they are young and invulnerable. This may have been the case in a recent accident involving a teenage driver who is believed to have been under the influence when the accident occurred. According to police, it is believed that both alcohol and excessive speed were factors in this accident.

California truck accident claims life

Accidents happen. Many times, the accident is minor, and no one is injured. At other times, a California accident is serious, and people are injured or killed. The severity of the accident depends upon a number of factors, one of which being whether it is a truck accident.

Recently, an accident involving a rented box truck injured several and killed one individual. Apparently, the driver of the box truck slammed into the rear of a vehicle waiting in line at a toll booth. The force of this collision caused a number of vehicles to collide. It also caused one vehicle to crash into the toll booth. This collision killed the toll booth operator and five others caught in this collision were transported to the hospital for medical attention.

Animal attacks can cause serious injury

No one thinks that it will happen to them. One minute the California resident is walking along and the next, he or she is suddenly attacked. Unfortunately, animal attacks occur all too often, and many times the victim has little available to use as a defense against the attack.

Recently, a pit bull apparently broke free from its leash as it was out for a walk. Once free, the dog ran onto another person's property as the property owner was walking to his car. The dog charged at the man and bit him on the leg, leaving a bite wound once the man was finally able to fend off the dog.

Have you seen the CHP guidelines for lane splitting?

Through Assembly Bill 51, Governor Jerry Brown made motorcycle lane splitting legal in California in 2016. The next step was to devise some regulations to keep both motorists and motorcyclists safe.

The California Highway Patrol put together some guidelines for motorcycle riders to follow, confirming that lane splitting “in a safe and prudent manner” is not illegal in this state. Here are four of the major points in the guidelines.

Impaired driving at the heart of many car accidents

Impaired drivers are a danger on California highways. Impairment can involve distractions such as drinking and driving or even using drugs and then operating a motor vehicle. Car accidents involving impaired drivers occur on a daily basis throughout California as well as the rest of the United States.  The results of such accidents can be devastating to all involved, often ending in injury or even death.

Authorities have suggested that a recent accident that took three lives and injured one other could be the result of some form of impaired driving. Reports indicate that a 23-year-old man was driving westbound on Highway 145. He was traveling at approximately 70 mph when he veered into oncoming traffic, grazed an SUV and hit the front of a small sedan.

Do you know how to prevent a frightening vehicle rollover?

A rollover does not happen frequently compared to other types of vehicle accidents, but it is one of the most frightening, and one of the deadliest for occupants.

Given the right circumstances, any car can flip, but taller, narrower vehicles are most susceptible to this kind of accident. If you own a van, pickup or SUV, or are considering purchasing one of these vehicles, take heart: There are certain things you can do to avoid rolling it over.

Post-accident information will help protect your claim

If you are in a vehicle accident, gathering information will be essential to your claim for compensation. It will also be vital if the case goes to court.

If you do not suffer severe injuries and are able to remain at the accident site, be ready to record the facts and include as many details as you can.

A truck accident can cause serious injury or death

Traffic along California's highways can be extremely busy at times. Drivers are attempting to navigate multiple lanes of traffic while at the same time remaining aware of all the other drivers on the road. Accidents are common as cars and other vehicles attempt to move in and out of traffic. While the majority of car accidents are considered minor in nature, a truck accident typically involves serious injury and/or damage.

Commercial trucks are generally much larger than the average vehicle. While the typical care weighs only around 3,000 pounds, a loaded 18-wheeler can weigh in excess of 80,000. A collision between two objects of such extremes can be devastating for the smaller object. As a result, many traffic accidents of this nature often result in serious injury or death.

Car accidents claim lives and take their toll on families

One minute, a driver is sitting at a red light waiting for it to change. The next minute, there is a crash. The unsuspecting driver is killed in yet another of the many car accidents that happen on California roadways.

According to witnesses, the driver of a Toyota Corolla was waiting at a red light to make a left-hand turn. The driver of a pickup truck came up behind her without stopping. The truck, which was also loaded down with a camper and trailer, crashed into the smaller vehicle and pushed it into the intersection. The car and pickup finally stopped when they then collided with a bus, pushing it into a pole.

Slip-and-fall accidents can often be avoided

The average California consumer has heard the intercom message "clean up on aisle two." To the consumer, it is simply noise; however, to the business owner it is a potential liability. Slip-and-fall accidents can present a serious problem for businesses.

Slip-and-fall accidents can be caused by spills on the floor, an uneven floor surface, loose flooring or any number of other apparently minor conditions. The average person should be aware of his or her surroundings and watch out for danger; however, this is not always possible. The average individual also assumes that property owners and/or their employees will maintain their property so as to prevent dangerous conditions from existing.

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