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January 2018 Archives

Car accidents and driver negligence

An accident has occurred, and someone has been injured. Unfortunately, car accidents happen on a regular basis throughout California. Now, the injured party is likely to suffer financially in addition to physically.  When this happens, it may be necessary to discuss the matter with experienced legal counsel to determine if there are grounds to pursue civil action based on evidence of negligence by another party to the accident.

An app might have prevented the accident you experienced

Let us imagine that you are the victim of a car crash caused by a teenage driver who was texting at the time of the accident. Fortunately, your injuries are not life-threatening, but your arm would probably not be in a cast now if the other driver had resisted using her cellphone.

Former running back Ryan Folsom killed in serious accident

Life can change without warning. Upon leaving home, one generally expects to arrive at his or her destination, complete the reason for being there and then return home. However, another individual's actions can have life-altering effects for numerous California residents. Rather than returning home, a loved one can be involved in a serious accident.

Premises liability: Could you be eligible for compensation?

Many television shows portray the country's legal system as simple and quick. People in California who have been involved in court cases and lawsuits can likely attest that neither are true. Many experienced with the process would also likely agree that the right lawyer can help make the complicated process less overwhelming. One woman may be eligible for compensation once her slip-and-fall accident lawsuit proceeds through the civil justice system in her state.

Truck accidents can cause serious injury

California's roadways are filled with cars and trucks each vying for space and the opportunity to move through the traffic. In the midst of the often heavy traffic, drivers are attempting to go to work, to school and to run everyday errands. Additionally, truck drivers are navigating the roads while making deliveries. For the most part, traffic flows as well as can be expected; however, when something goes wrong and a truck is involved in an accident, serious injury can occur.

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