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Distracted driving continues to cause trouble on our roads

Determining the full extent of roadway fatalities that are related to distracted driving, especially those linked to cellphone use, is not a simple matter.

Data is not easy to obtain. However, the manner in which a car crash occurs as well as cellphone records belonging to the driver help to provide clues.

Surge in fatalities

Any number of things may cause driver distraction: eating while driving, putting on makeup, young children or pets in the car and, of course, cellphone use, a problem that has been gaining in notoriety. Statistics show that in 2016, there were more than 100 fatalities each day on or near roadways in our country. Although the experts who monitor the data are perplexed about the reasons behind the rise in deaths, use of smartphones figures heavily as a cause.

Links between smartphones and crashes

Why smartphones as a major link to highway fatalities? First, because by 2016, smartphone ownership rose to 81 percent among Americans. Second, the way drivers use their phones has gone from talking to texting, checking social media sites and sending or reading tweets, all of which require more precious seconds of attention. Third, the largest increase in fatalities is not among vehicle occupants; it is among more vulnerable groups: motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicycle riders. In other words, if a motorist veers off the road and strikes a pedestrian, there is a good possibility that distracted driving was behind the accident.

Clues and evidence

California has instituted some of the most comprehensive distracted driving laws anywhere in the nation, but they do not cover every kind of circumstance. Victims of a vehicle accident should listen to what the driver who was at fault has to say. He or she might claim to have been distracted, and if so, the police report should include this kind of comment. An attorney will also use it when putting together evidence about the crash and how it occurred, including information obtained from cellphone records.


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