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The crumple zones in your car are designed to protect you

In California, the roads, highways and freeways become more congested every year, and vehicle crashes are common events.

If you are in an auto crash, the hope, of course, is that you will survive without serious injury. Researchers are always working on better protection for vehicle occupants, which is why they came up with crumple zones.

So many opportunities for crashes

As of 2016, 14.5 million vehicles were registered in our state. Imagine the potential for car crashes and injuries! However, auto safety continues to improve, and one such innovation is the crumple zone. There are several such zones on your car, areas that are purposely designed to absorb some of the energy of a crash by crumpling or deforming upon impact. The idea is to keep as much of this energy as possible from reaching you and your passengers.

Foiling kinetic forces

Considerable kinetic forces are kicked up in a car crash. The intensity will vary according to the speed and mass of the vehicle that causes the crash and the speed and mass of the object it hits. Crumple zones are designed to create a buffer zone around the perimeter of your car that is capable of reducing the initial kinetic force of impact and effectively redistributing that force away from occupants.

Hoping for the best

Basically, effective crumple zone performance means that various parts of your car will be bent, crushed or broken in a crash. It is hoped that if you or your passengers are hurt, redirecting the force of impact will result in less serious injuries. A personal injury attorney will tell you that this is not always the case. Unfortunately, there are many causes of car crashes, and some accidents leave victims with extremely severe injuries. Still, research must continue, and vehicle safety must improve, which is why innovations like crumple zones are so important for the millions of drivers in California.

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