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Preventing pedestrian deaths is a group effort

Some neighborhoods and city streets have well-maintained sidewalks and clearly marked crosswalks, and these routes improve your chances of a safe walk.

They may not be enough to protect you from an irresponsible driver, though.

Pedestrian injury statistics

The Project for Public Spaces reports that on average, there are 68,000 pedestrian injuries and 4,500 fatalities each year. Statistically, you are more likely to become a victim if you are under 18, over 65 or a person of color. 

Vehicle-speed factors

One of the major threats to your safety is vehicle speed. A major factor in improving pedestrian safety is speed-limit enforcement. Police involvement and speed cameras are two such methods. However, even those drivers who obey the speed limits may cause fatal injuries if municipalities do not set safe speed limits and design roadways to be pedestrian friendly. 

Pedestrian safety education

You cannot force drivers to put down their cellphones and obey speed limits and traffic signals. You can reduce the chances of a distacted driver striking you, though. Here are pedestrian safety tips from the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center:

  • Keep your eyes and ears focused on your surroundings; do not look at your phone or wear headphones while you walk.
  • Stay on sidewalks whenever possible.
  • Wait for pedestrian signals at crosswalks, and then look both ways before you cross.
  • Scan every lane you intend to cross and not just the one right in front of you.
  • Watch drivers' eyes for signs of inattention, such as looking down. 
  • Beware of vehicles that may make a right-hand turn on a red light.

If a vehicle strikes you, be aware that the driver may not be the only one responsible for your injuries. The condition of the roads, crosswalks, sidewalks and traffic signals may also play a role in the incident. More than one party may be liable.

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