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3 ways employers can prevent trip and fall accidents

The safety of staff should always be a pressing concern for employers managing a workplace. A big part of safety is ensuring that your workplace is free of hazards that may contribute to potential injuries. A small object obstructing a pathway could seem like a minimal concern, but it can be the catalyst for disaster when an employee trips on it and falls. Such injuries are a serious issue for workplaces everywhere.

To prevent such accidents, employers should be proactive about eliminating safety hazards and preventing injuries that result from trips and falls. Consider the following ways that employers can make workplaces safer and reduce the likelihood of injury amongst employees:

Improve training

According to the National Safety Council, there are several strategies employers can use to ensure that their safety training program is optimally effective. These include determining what kind of training is necessary, identifying the needs of the workplace and developing interactive activities to teach important safety concepts to staff. All these can greatly reduce the likelihood of trips and falls.

Identify common risks

Identifying the most common risks is integral to creating effective safety training and preventing these risks from coming to fruition. If you have a physical location of your workplace where severe injuries have occurred, for example, you should carefully analyze why this area is more prone to incident. Identify the risks that could contribute to such patterns and proactively combat the hazards that exist.

Reward safe practices

Employees may be properly trained and fully aware of safety protocols, yet still choose to disregard them. This is true for a number of reasons. Doing so may save time, make the task at hand easier or it may simply be habit. You can motivate employees to act safely—thus reducing the likelihood of trips and falls—by actively rewarding safe behavior in the workplace. 

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