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September 2018 Archives

2 men lose lives in serious accident

Two men sadly lost their lives in a recent California motor vehicle collision, leaving their surviving loved ones grieving and wondering how the accident could have happened. Both of the men who died in the serious accident were 19 years old. Sometimes, these types of accidents are the result of driver negligence, which is grounds for litigation in the Golden State.

Woman sues Red Lobster after suffering injury there

A woman in another state recently asserted that a Red Lobster restaurant's carelessness in maintaining its property caused her physical harm. She has therefore decided to file a premises liability claim against the eatery. In the same manner, anyone in California who suffers an injury due to dangerous property conditions has the right to seek to hold the business establishment accountable through the civil court system.

Serious accident leads to death of pregnant woman, unborn baby

A pregnant woman was killed in a recent California motor vehicle crash, leaving her surviving loved ones to grieve over her and her baby's loss. The serious accident was reportedly the result of a suspected intoxicated driver. In situations involving these types of car accidents, the person who allegedly caused the accident due to driving while impaired may be held liable for any injuries or deaths resulting from the crash.

Premises liability suit filed against apartment landlord

A girl in another state lost her life a couple of years ago after being shot in front of her apartment. Now, the deceased child's parent claims that the shooting happened due to the apartment landlord's negligence -- a situation that can easily impact landlords and tenants in California as well. The parent in the out-of-state case has thus decided to file a premises liability lawsuit against the landlord.

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