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Hydroplaning and other common vehicle accidents to avoid

Roadway accidents in the greater Los Angeles area are everyday events, with some being more serious than others.

Here are four of the most common types of vehicle accidents and how drivers can avoid them.

1. Rear-end collisions

You may be stopped at a traffic light when you a rear-end accident jolts your body. Statistics gathered by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration show that 64 percent of the drivers who hit the car in front of them are not looking at the road when the impact occurs. Drivers should avoid distractions such as using a cellphone or fiddling with the radio. It is a simple matter of focusing on the road ahead.

2. T-bone crashes

A side-impact crash, often called a T-bone crash, happens when a motorist fails to stop for another driver who has the right-of-way. Avoiding such crashes requires strict attention to driving and adherence to local traffic laws.

3. Car-animal accidents

You may be driving in a rural area when a wild animal darts into the road. In an attempt to avoid contact, an oncoming car swerves into yours. The results could be serious vehicle damage and injury to you and your passengers. All drivers should be mindful of animal crossing signs. It is also a good idea when in a rural area to use high beams after dark.

4. Hydroplaning

Tire treads become important when a motorist is driving through standing water because the tread provides a path for the water to channel away. Some drivers panic, hit the brakes too hard and skid, possibly right into another vehicle. The best way to avoid hydroplaning and a potential crash is to drive slowly and apply steady pressure to the brakes.

Being prepared

Every driver should prepare for the unexpected and know how to avoid common vehicle accidents. If you are on the receiving end of a crash, authorities will examine the actions of the other driver when determining how the accident happened. Car crashes are common in California. All you can do is to drive responsibly and do your best to avoid becoming a victim.



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