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Uber accident: What to do next

Uber and Lyft have made it easy for people in the Los Angeles area to get around town. With an Uber, you can get from Van Nuys to West Hollywood without having to deal with that 101 traffic yourself. 

However, Uber drivers can still end up in accidents like everyone else. You may not have been the one behind the wheel, but that does not mean you should just walk away. After a car accident of this nature, you need to be careful with how you proceed. 

Get medical care immediately

You never want to tell either driver in an accident you feel fine. Instead, you need to say you need to see a doctor right away. Many people feel okay after a motor vehicle accident only for the symptoms of whiplash to appear a couple days later. You can later figure out how to pay via your insurance or the driver's carrier.

Document the incident with the police

An Uber driver may plead with you not to get the police involved. However, your health is a priority. Even if the damage appears minor, you should still have the police come out to file an official report. When the police arrive, you should tell them any pain or discomfort you are in, so they make a note of it in their records. 

Contact your insurance (and Uber)

Although you did not drive, you should still inform your insurance agency of the incident. Your insurance may still need to pay for all your medical expenses. All you need to tell your agency at this point is you were in an accident. There is no need to speak with either driver's insurance company until you have an attorney. Additionally, Uber suggests anyone involved in a crash to let the company know. Uber may ask for additional information, and you should cooperate with the process to the best of your ability. 

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