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Do these 5 things after a motorcycle accident

One of the best aspects of living in the Van Nuys area is the gorgeous scenery. While looking out the window of a car is an effective way to take in the views, nothing beats hitting the open road on a motorcycle. Every time you ride, you plan to arrive at your destination safely. Even if you always ride responsibly, however, you may not be able to avoid a motorcycle accident. 

As you probably know, a wreck on your bike could leave you with serious injuries and extensive property damage. To protect your legal rights, you must take command of the accident scene. Here are five things to do after a motorcycle accident. 

1. Move to a safe place 

If you are in a motorcycle accident, you may find yourself flat on the pavement without a motor vehicle to protect you from additional injuries. As such, if you can do so without causing further injuries, move off the roadway as quickly as possible. 

2. Contact the police 

Motorists often want to resolve accidents without involving the police. Failing to alert authorities, however, could be a huge mistake. Officers understand how to investigate accidents, assign fault and write reports. When you work with law enforcement personnel, you establish a formal record of the accident. 

3. Obtain the driver’s personal information 

You should not have to pay for any injuries or property damage another motorist causes. Nonetheless, if you do not know how to contact the driver, you likely cannot receive compensation. Therefore, try to obtain the driver’s name, telephone number, address and insurance information before you leave the accident scene. 

4. Document the scene yourself 

While you can likely rely on the police report for accuracy, it may not be complete. Therefore, you should try to document the accident scene yourself. To do so, take pictures of property damage, roadways, signage and other relevant items. Also, try to talk to witnesses and get their contact details. You can likely use this important information to assert your legal rights

5. Seek medical treatment 

You may not realize you have sustained injuries until long after your motorcycle accident. As such, always seek medical treatment following a crash. Not only can doctors help you recover completely, they can also assist you with further documenting the accident. 

If you are lucky, you will never have to worry about a motorcycle accident. To be proactive, however, you should plan for the worst. With a bit of effort, you can likely boost your chances of recovering fully and receiving compensation for your damages.

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