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How to recognize the signs of a concussion after a car crash

Many injuries can arise following a car accident. One of the most common involves experiencing a concussion. Former reality television star Melyssa Ford was recently in a near-fatal wreck in Los Angeles, and she reported suffering from an intense concussion in the aftermath. 

You need to see a doctor the same day you were in the auto accident. The symptoms of a concussion will only grow worse over time, and you seriously jeopardize your claim if you cannot draw a direct correlation between the vehicle wreck and your newly developed symptoms. 

What causes the concussion?

A concussion occurs from trauma to the brain. In a car accident, the vehicle's speed suddenly drops to zero, meaning people in the vehicle whip forward and backward with intense force. This is whiplash. Due to this impact, the brain makes contact with the skull, resulting in a concussion. Some symptoms occur right away, while others develop over time. While there is no cure for a concussion, doctors can prescribe medication to help you manage the pain. Over time, the symptoms may subside. However, a diagnosis in the immediate aftermath is vital to your case. 

What are the symptoms?

Right after the crash, a person may experience a headache, nausea or dizziness. The person may have balancing problems and forget things easily. It is easy to write off these symptoms as normal after a car accident. Many people want to avoid seeing a doctor when possible, so they just assume the symptoms will get better in a couple days. Over time, the symptoms often worsen. The person may answer questions slowly or have trouble recalling events. It is also common for sufferers to experience behavioral, mood and personality changes. Seeing a doctor a week or a month after the incident will not help your legal case. You always want to see a doctor. Even if you do not have a concussion, you can at least receive peace of mind. 

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