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New California traffic laws for 2019

Car accidents occur frequently around Los Angeles. These collisions are dangerous, and they can also result in a ton of paperwork to fill out if you need to file an insurance claim. 

You should know the basic steps to take following an auto accident. However, new laws pop up all the time in the state that can alter the best course of action to take. Not all these laws apply to you and your case, but it is helpful to stay up-to-date on all new laws. 

SB 1046

This new law states that first-time DUI offenders who caused an injury or repeated offenders need to install an ignition interlock for between one and two years. Previously, this law only impacted drivers in Los Angeles, Tulare, Sacramento and Alameda counties, but now it applies all over the state. This law will remain in effect until 2026, unless lawmakers decide to renew it. 

AB 1755

This law applies to cyclists who crash. Normally, felony hit-and-run charges only applied to motorists, but now, the law states that cyclists also need to stop when they are in an accident. This includes cyclists on designed bike paths. 

AB 544

A new program has gone into effect. Now, low- and zero-emission vehicles can have access to carpool lanes no matter how many people are inside. People who want to learn more about this program, including whether their vehicles quality, need to check California's DMV website. This law will remain in effect until 2023, unless lawmakers renew it. 

AB 1925

This new law requires the DMV to have a minimum of one question about laws about driving with unsecured and unsafe loads. These unsecured loads can include buckets, ladders and various other loose items. 

AB 2115 

Drivers approaching a garbage truck need to pull into the next lane to pass it. Waste collection vehicles have the amber lights flashing when stopped. If going into the next lane is not possible, then the driver must slow down to a reasonable and safe speed. 

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