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Why uninsured drivers are a concern even for those with insurance

Having a car may seem more like a necessity than a privilege for the average working adults in California. Having your own transportation is important for your freedom and ability to provide for yourself and your family. Unfortunately, owning and maintaining a vehicle is also incredibly expensive.

In fact, some people find the cost associated with maintaining a vehicle to be too much, which is why they allow their insurance to lapse. Motor vehicle insurance allows for monthly installments, meaning that people can register their vehicles by paying only a single month's premium. That way, they can continue driving, even if they don't have an active insurance policy.

An inability to carry car insurance doesn't just affect the person who doesn't have a policy. It can also affect anyone who winds up in a crash with an uninsured driver. If someone who doesn't have insurance causes a crash, that may be more difficult than usual to connect with the money you need after a crash.

A shocking number of people in California don't carry insurance

While California has a relatively high median income when compared with states in the Midwest, there is also a much higher cost of living across the state. Many people struggle to make ends meet in costly economies like California's. Expenses that can seem extraneous, like car insurance, may go unpaid in favor of covering rent or buying groceries.

When someone fails to pay their premium, they lose their coverage and protection while driving. Still, that doesn't necessarily mean that they will stop driving. Most people who drive without insurance let their insurance lapse for financial reasons, which also means that for the same financial reasons, they will not stop driving despite the lack of protection. They need to get to work and to pick up their children.

According to an analysis by insurance industry professionals, more than 15% of drivers on the California roadways don't have insurance at any given time. That means that you could cross paths with dozens or even hundreds of uninsured drivers any time you get on the road.

Know your options for protecting yourself

You can't avoid a collision caused by another driver's mistakes any more than you can prevent yourself from getting in a crash with a driver who doesn't have adequate insurance. What you can do, however, is protect yourself against this potential issue by purchasing extra insurance that will protect you financially if you get into a crash caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver.

If you discover you don't have the kind of coverage that protects you from drivers without insurance, you may need to consider taking civil action against the driver responsible for the crash to offset the expenses you incurred.

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