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Car accidents and driver negligence

An accident has occurred, and someone has been injured. Unfortunately, car accidents happen on a regular basis throughout California. Now, the injured party is likely to suffer financially in addition to physically.  When this happens, it may be necessary to discuss the matter with experienced legal counsel to determine if there are grounds to pursue civil action based on evidence of negligence by another party to the accident.

Former running back Ryan Folsom killed in serious accident

Life can change without warning. Upon leaving home, one generally expects to arrive at his or her destination, complete the reason for being there and then return home. However, another individual's actions can have life-altering effects for numerous California residents. Rather than returning home, a loved one can be involved in a serious accident.

Hit-and-run driver causes serious accident

Accidents happen. Typically, when an serious accident occurs along a California roadway, all drivers involved stop, report the accident to the proper authorities, make sure that everyone is okay and exchange insurance information. These steps are not only required by law but also are the right thing to do. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. There are times when drivers choose to avoid responsibility for their actions.

Car accidents occur when drivers do not adhere to traffic laws

Crossing the street should be a simple process. Stop at the crosswalk, look both ways and then proceed. As long as everyone else is doing what they should be doing, the California resident should be able to safely cross. However, when drivers fail to follow traffic laws, car accidents occur.

Serious accident claims 2 lives; teenage driver arrested

Drinking and driving can be a deadly combination. After one or two drinks, some California residents believe that they are still okay to drive. Unfortunately, this is often a mistaken assumption, and a serious accident is the result.

Impaired driving at the heart of many car accidents

Impaired drivers are a danger on California highways. Impairment can involve distractions such as drinking and driving or even using drugs and then operating a motor vehicle. Car accidents involving impaired drivers occur on a daily basis throughout California as well as the rest of the United States.  The results of such accidents can be devastating to all involved, often ending in injury or even death.

Officials hope to make Los Angeles safer and slower

Los Angeles is always mentioned among U.S. cities that struggle with traffic congestion. It is probably what most Americans think of first when they think of our city. City transportation officials and the LAPD have over the past two years been surveying streets on which car accidents, injuries and fatalities occur most frequently. The goal is to update speed limits on Los Angeles streets and make those limits enforceable.

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