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Slip-and-fall accidents: Tennis star Eugenie Bouchard settles

One apparently small accident can have lasting results. California residents often take care to watch where they walk, pay attention to traffic around them and remain vigilant for apparent obstacles that may cause them harm. Unfortunately, not all accidents, and slip\-and\-fall accidents in particular, can be avoided.

Premises liability: Could you be eligible for compensation?

Many television shows portray the country's legal system as simple and quick. People in California who have been involved in court cases and lawsuits can likely attest that neither are true. Many experienced with the process would also likely agree that the right lawyer can help make the complicated process less overwhelming. One woman may be eligible for compensation once her slip-and-fall accident lawsuit proceeds through the civil justice system in her state.

Animal attacks can cause serious injury

No one thinks that it will happen to them. One minute the California resident is walking along and the next, he or she is suddenly attacked. Unfortunately, animal attacks occur all too often, and many times the victim has little available to use as a defense against the attack.

Slip-and-fall accidents can often be avoided

The average California consumer has heard the intercom message "clean up on aisle two." To the consumer, it is simply noise; however, to the business owner it is a potential liability. Slip-and-fall accidents can present a serious problem for businesses.

Swimming pools require the highest level of care

California residents who own swimming pools need to be extremely careful to prevent a drowning from happening. You might think that drownings only happen when you're away from the house, when someone sneaks onto your property, or when your family is outside and actually using the pool, but there are an infinite number of unexpected ways a drowning could occur.

Know your rights when you are bitten by a dog

In a previous blog post, we discussed some interesting points regarding how to tell when a dog is likely to bite. This is one of the things that everyone should know because it might be possible to take evasive action that lets you avoid the dog bite. Unfortunately, some dogs bite without warning and you might not have time to get away. When this occurs, you can seek compensation from the dog's owner.

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