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The top injuries from trips and falls

It can happen anywhere: in the store, at another person’s home or in the middle of the sidewalk. You trip and fall. The extent of the physical damage you experience can range from minor harm to severe disability.

Regardless of the degree of your injuries, if the accident happened due to another’s negligence, you can file a personal injury claim. Thus, you should be aware of the injuries to watch out for after a trip and fall.

Broken bones

You may think breaking a bone would be obvious, but that is only true if it is a severe break. You may not realize you have a small fracture, especially if it does not hurt much. You may attribute the pain to something minor instead. However, forward falls often lead to hip fractures from falling on your bottom, or wrist or arm fractures from grabbing onto a railing or other object to break your fall.

Shoulder or knee damage

Depending on how you fall, you can tear or dislocate your knee or shoulder. Twisting suddenly and trying to stop your fall are often the causes. Knee injuries are one of the most agonizing and debilitating injuries you can receive. Damage to your rotator cuff (in the shoulder) make it difficult and painful to move your arm.

Neck and back pain

Trips and falls can cause whiplash that leads to headaches, numbness in the upper extremities and restricted range of motion. These injuries may eventually heal or lead to permanent suffering. It is important to note that TBIs and spinal cord injuries are more common in slips and falls, which result in falling backward. However, they are still possible for trips and falls, depending on the circumstances.

Minor injuries

Minor harm counts, too. Contusions and soft tissue damage, such as strains and sprains, are also common and eligible for premises liability claims. If you are the recipient of any of these types of injuries following a trip and fall, speak to an attorney immediately to discuss your case.

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