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Accidents involving trucks can have devastating consequences

Being involved in a road accident is naturally a harrowing experience. However, accidents involving trucks, such as 18-wheelers, typically cause catastrophic injuries or fatalities. While most big rig drivers in California comply with the regulations that govern them, some preventable errors can have devastating consequences. Driver fatigue can be blamed in many instances due to unrealistic demands and deadlines of employers or financial pressures that force drivers to exceed allowed driving hours.

Truck accident shuts down 10 Freeway

It is a given fact that traffic along California's freeway system is congested. Midday, thousands of drivers are jockeying for their place on the roadway, attempting to get to their destination within a reasonable period of time. Sometimes, this works; however, there are times when traffic flow simply does not make this possible. Then, when there is a catastrophe such as a truck accident, such an attempt becomes a nightmare.

Truck accidents can cause serious injury

California's roadways are filled with cars and trucks each vying for space and the opportunity to move through the traffic. In the midst of the often heavy traffic, drivers are attempting to go to work, to school and to run everyday errands. Additionally, truck drivers are navigating the roads while making deliveries. For the most part, traffic flows as well as can be expected; however, when something goes wrong and a truck is involved in an accident, serious injury can occur.

A truck accident can cause serious injury or death

Traffic along California's highways can be extremely busy at times. Drivers are attempting to navigate multiple lanes of traffic while at the same time remaining aware of all the other drivers on the road. Accidents are common as cars and other vehicles attempt to move in and out of traffic. While the majority of car accidents are considered minor in nature, a truck accident typically involves serious injury and/or damage.

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