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A truck accident can cause serious injury or death

Traffic along California's highways can be extremely busy at times. Drivers are attempting to navigate multiple lanes of traffic while at the same time remaining aware of all the other drivers on the road. Accidents are common as cars and other vehicles attempt to move in and out of traffic. While the majority of car accidents are considered minor in nature, a truck accident typically involves serious injury and/or damage.

Commercial trucks are generally much larger than the average vehicle. While the typical care weighs only around 3,000 pounds, a loaded 18-wheeler can weigh in excess of 80,000. A collision between two objects of such extremes can be devastating for the smaller object. As a result, many traffic accidents of this nature often result in serious injury or death.

These larger vehicles are also more difficult to operate. They are slower to turn and stop. Additionally, they often have blind spots where the driver is unable to see objects beside or behind the vehicle. Drivers of such vehicles are required to pass more stringent driving tests and carry a commercial driver's license.

When one is involved in a truck accident, there is often a question regarding who is responsible if the truck driver is at fault. This all depends upon the circumstances of the accident and the driver's relationship with the company he or she is driving for. If it is a contractor relationship, the company may not have responsibility. An experienced attorney can analyze the situation and help to determine who should be held accountable for the accident and its ramifications. Depending upon this determination, it may be prudent to file a claim in a California civil court against the party or parties deemed culpable.

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