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Woman wins $600K in premises liability case

A woman in another state was recently awarded $600,000 after incurring injuries at a mini-mart a couple years ago due to the business' negligence. The jury award came following a trial that lasted two days. In the same way, anyone in California who is injured as a result of a company's carelessness has the right to seek damages by filing a premises liability claim.

In the out-of-state case, the woman slipped on ice outside of the mini-mart one day. She said the incident occurred after she purchased lottery tickets at the store in February. The business, however, claimed that no precipitation was covering the ground at the time of the incident. The business also asserted that its employees did not know that ice was covering the sidewalk.

Protect your legal rights when making a car insurance claim

If you're injured in a car accident, it makes sense for your immediate attention to turn to your health and well-being. Receiving treatment and following the direction of your medical team is of utmost importance.

However, as time allows, your attention should shift to making a car insurance claim. You pay for coverage every month, so you want to take full advantage of your policy.

Prepare your kids for safe trick-or-treating this year

If you are a Van Nuys parent of school-age kids, chance are good that they are already excited about the first upcoming fall holiday. Halloween and harvest celebrations are a great chance for children to indulge in a little harmless fantasy as they dress up in costumes and face-paint before setting out on their rounds of trick-or-treating.

But as parents, it's natural to worry about the kids' safety. It's very easy for them to get too caught up in the excitement of the holiday and forget to be safety-conscious at all times.

2 men lose lives in California car accident

Two men's lives have sadly been cut short as a result of a tragic motor vehicle accident in California. The car accident took place during the early morning hours on a Tuesday. Now, the two victims' surviving family members are left to grieve and question how the accident could have happened.

The fatal accident took place at a little past 1:30 a.m. on a freeway. Police said that the car involved in the collision might have been going too quickly at the time of the accident. The driver reportedly left the freeway and struck multiple trees. Police said the car then cleared a big ravine before landing on the opposite side.

Tips for sharing the road with semitrucks

Sharing the highway with semitrucks can be a very uneasy feeling for drivers of passenger vehicles. A fully loaded tractor-trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, or 25 times that of a car, and when that load is combined with speed, it can create a deadly force.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) says crashes involving semitrucks rose by 10% in 2017 with 4,657 fatal truck-related accidents and 344,000 non-fatal injury crashes. Safety advocates fear a proposed weakening of trucking regulations will make our highways even more dangerous.

Premises liability suit filed against Rose Bowl Stadium

A woman recently claimed that she suffered injuries at the Rose Bowl Stadium in California due to the venue's carelessness. Specifically, she reportedly fell in the stadium's parking lot following a concert featuring the music artists Jay-Z and Beyonce. As a result, the woman has decided to file a premises liability lawsuit against the venue.

According to the lawsuit, the woman attended the artists' concert back in September 2018. She then reportedly walked through the venue's parking lot following the show to retrieve her bag from the bag-checking area. However, she allegedly ended up tripping and falling over a car stop due to the insufficient lighting in the area.

Bicycle commuters: Here's how to stay safe

Your bike is a terrific way to get to work. You get some exercise naturally during the day, you save on fuel costs, you don't have to worry about parking and you help out the environment. Since you started riding, you take your bike to the office as often as you can. You love it.

There are certainly a lot of upsides to cycling to work, but don't forget that there are downsides, as well. One major one is the risk you face on the roads. If you get into an accident with a car, you are almost always the one coming out of that with major injuries. For as much as drivers make mistakes -- talking on the phone, texting, talking to friends, breaking the speed limit, driving drunk, running red lights; the list goes on and on -- you are the one facing the real risks when they do.

Looking before crossing is just the start of pedestrian safety

Your preferred mode of transportation may be driving, but everyone is a pedestrian at some time or another. You may walk to a store, the park or even just around your neighborhood. Unfortunately, thousands of pedestrians die each year in traffic crashes.

You probably learned at a young age that looking both ways before crossing the street can prevent you getting hit by a car. While looking before crossing is still valuable, it is sometimes not enough to keep pedestrians safe. By incorporating several safe habits into your walk, you can reduce your chance of being hit by a car.

Alleged DUI car accident leads to 1 death, multiple injuries

A woman lost her life and three other individuals were injured in a recent California motor vehicle collision. In addition, a man was arrested for drinking and driving in connection with the crash. The car accident took place along Highway 180 on a Monday afternoon.

The accident occurred at about 12:45 p.m. According to authorities, a 40-year-old man was driving a sport utility vehicle and went over the median. He then crashed into a car. A passenger in the car, 47, ended up passing away in the collision.

New bill could increase penalties for texting and driving

The American Automobile Association reports that driving while texting can make a crash two to eight times more likely. A new bill in California could make roads safer by increasing texting and driving penalties.

Lawmakers in California are looking to reduce texting and driving. The current bill in legislation would add a point for second-time offenders of texting or holding a phone while driving. If the bill passes, drivers receiving two or more violations within 36 months would get a point on their record for each violation after the first one. Currently, texting and driving is exempt from the California DMV point system.

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