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Dump truck accident injures 7

First there is a crash. Then cars burst into flames. In what sounds like the setting for a Hollywood action movie, multiple California drivers were witnesses to such a scene on Feb. 7 as yet another truck accident occurred.

Recent wildfires throughout California have created the need for dump trucks to clear debris from the fire-ravaged areas. While this is helping to clean up the affected areas, it is also adding to the traffic along highways and even residential areas. One of these dump trucks recently went through a red light at an intersection and collided with several vehicles.

Upon collision, a total of 10 vehicles burst into flames. Seven individuals within these vehicles were transported to hospitals for treatment. It is reported that three of the individuals were in critical condition.

Reports indicate that the driver was not influenced by drugs or alcohol. As part of his statement to law enforcement officers, he indicated that he believed that his brakes had failed. This possibility is currently under investigation, along with other factors such as the weight of the truck and the speed at which it was traveling.

In response to the driver's brake statement, the contractor responsible for the truck was asked to perform a check on the brakes of all of its dump trucks prior to allowing them to continue hauling wildfire debris. The contractor did comply with this request and has been in the process of making this happen. In a situation like this, although the driver and contractor are assisting with the truck accident investigation, there are at least seven individuals who have suffered as a result. Depending upon the outcome of the investigation, it may be in each individual's best interest to discuss pursuing the matter through California's legal system.

Source:, "Dump truck driver in fiery Santa Rosa crash reported brake failure", Nick Rahaim and Martin Espinoza, Feb. 7, 2018

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