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Three of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents

You may love riding your motorcycle, but you have to know how vulnerable you are. You have no protective steel framework, no airbag, not even a seatbelt. Your best shot at protecting yourself is to drive defensively.

Every time you go out on your motorcycle, you are facing the possibility of inattentive drivers who do not have you in their sights. Here are three common causes of car-motorcycle accidents:

The left turn

The most frequent cause of a motorcycle crash is when a driver does not see the oncoming motorcycle and makes a left turn in front of it. Usually, the motorcycle rider will have no choice but to run into the vehicle. Your job is to be on the alert constantly so you can take evasive action, especially when approaching an intersection, riding through a parking lot or coming up to a driveway where a car is backing out. Remember that an accident is not always the result of distraction or inattention - you may simply be in the driver’s blind spot.

The lane change

Another example of being in a driver’s blind spot is when you are riding in traffic. Perhaps you other vehicles are fencing you in, so you are not in a good position if the driver next to you decides to change lanes. Be aware of slowing conditions, which may prompt lane changes, and keep an eye out for turn signals. Look for any indication that a driver is considering a move and may not see that you are occupying the space he has in mind.

The opening door

You may decide to avoid a traffic slow-down by riding between the stalled lane and a line of cars parked parallel to the road. Never do this. Someone may swing a car door open just as you approach. You can only imagine how devastating of a crash this would be.

Nursing injuries

In common accidents like these, a motorcyclist is vulnerable to severe injuries, including broken bones and disabling head and spinal cord injuries. Medical bills can rocket out of sight, but the patient must focus on the job of recovery. Financial compensation will be top of mind, but this matter is best left to an experienced personal injury attorney familiar with dealing successfully with insurance companies on behalf of the injured rider.

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