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Was your trip and fall caused by a wrinkled carpet?

A wedding reception was about to begin at the hotel where you work. As the event planner, you were on your way to check on details when you tripped and fell.

Tripping was not a matter of your being clumsy, it was a matter of a wrinkled carpet in the hotel corridor. Now you are wearing a boot to stabilize your broken ankle.

Recognizing the difference

According to 2013 numbers collected by the National Safety Council, there were 229,190 cases where injuries from slips, trips and falls resulted in workers having to take time away from their jobs. A slip and fall occurs when there is not enough traction or friction between your feet and the surface beneath. On the other hand, a trip is caused when your foot comes in contact with an object and you lose your balance. You might catch yourself, but chances are you will fall.

Wrinkles and more

A wrinkle in a rug or carpet is not the only obstacle a business must guard against with the safety of a worker or visitor to the business at stake. The problem could be an uncovered cable, the open drawer on a filing cabinet, a hole in the pavement or poor lighting on a stairway. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the potential for falls lurks on “cluttered or unstable walking/working surfaces.”

Seeking legal help

An experienced personal injury attorney can help you sort out what actually happened to cause your trip-and-fall accident and determine the extent of negligence. If the courts find the hotel you work for liable for the broken ankle you suffered, you can expect to receive a full and fair settlement. Your employer has a responsibility to keep you and your fellow workers safe. A wrinkle in a carpet may sound like an insignificant issue, but you can attest to the fact that it can cause a painful injury.

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