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How can you recognize a traumatic brain injury after a car crash?

There are many obvious signs that you’ve been in a car accident. Both your body and your vehicle might have taken a beating, with bruises and dents making it plain to see. But some of the worst damage may be completely invisible.

The crash might have injured your brain as well—but it isn’t always obvious at first. You should know what signs to look for to check for a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

There are many possible symptoms

Blows to the head can have consequences that last for hours or even for the rest of your life. You may have a TBI if you:

  • Lose consciousness
  • Feel nauseous
  • Have trouble speaking
  • Sleep significantly more or less than usual
  • Go through mood swings
  • Feel anxious or depressed
  • Are unable to keep your balance
  • Have difficulty concentrating

You may experience just one or several of these symptoms. Signs of a TBI could show up right after your accident—or even weeks later.

Don’t wait to seek treatment

Since you might not see the signs of a TBI immediately, you might not recognize it before it’s too late. One of the most important things to do right after a car crash is to see a doctor. Even a mild TBI may cause irreversible damage.

If you had a broken bone after a car accident, you would probably see a doctor right away. Just because you can’t see a TBI doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it checked out. Getting medical treatment immediately after a car crash could prevent brain damage that affects you for the rest of your life.

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