Advocates For Motorists Injured By Distracted Drivers

It is almost impossible to drive on area roads without seeing someone using a cellphone while behind the wheel. Talking, texting and surfing the internet while driving are extremely common, despite the repeated warnings about the dangers of distracted driving. Motorists who fail to pay complete attention to other cars are placing other drivers at risk and increasing the potential that a motor vehicle accident may happen.

Some of the various types of distraction that may result in accidents include:

  • Texting while driving
  • Talking on a hand-held cellphone while behind the wheel
  • Putting on makeup or eating while driving
  • Holding on to a pet while behind the wheel
  • Using an in-dash navigation system
  • Surfing the internet using a tablet or cellphone
  • Scrolling through an MP3 player or phone to play music

At Asatryan Law, our attorneys have represented many clients who have been seriously injured due to distracted driving crashes. We have seen lives turned upside down because someone could not wait until they stopped driving to respond to a text. We make it our mission to hold these drivers responsible for the injuries and damages that they cause.

What To Know About Distracted Driving Crashes

Officials have made repeated efforts to eliminate distracted driving in our communities. California has some of the strongest distracted driving laws in the country, but not all behaviors are covered by these laws.

If you hear the other motorist mention that he or she was distracted at the time of the crash, make sure that this information is reported to law enforcement. You want to be certain that this is recorded in the police report, which can be extremely helpful if the insurance companies try to fight your case. In many accidents, police do not ask the motorists about any distractions that may have caused the crash, and this vital evidence may go unrecorded unless you take action.

Our lawyers will work together with you to build a case that allows you to recover maximum compensation. We take the appropriate steps to gather evidence that may disclose that the other driver was on his or her phone at the time of the crash. If insurers insist upon taking your case to trial, we will be prepared to take them head-on inside the courtroom.

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