Answering Your Questions About Motor Vehicle Accidents

After a car accident, you will soon start to receive calls and letters from insurance companies, law firms and others who have an interest in the crash. Making sense of all of this information can be extremely difficult for even the most savvy of individuals, and it can be hard to deal with all of this as you are trying to return back to health.

At Asatryan Law, our attorneys want to take this opportunity to answer some of the most common accident questions that we receive from clients in initial consultations. We hope that this helps you learn more about the process and your potential personal injury claims.

Should I trust what the insurance companies are telling me?

Absolutely not. Insurance companies have one goal in mind when they receive accident claims: settle the case for as little compensation as possible. They are going to tell you exactly what you want to hear, because they want you to think that they are looking out for you. Then, they make an offer that they say is fair, but it is impossible for you to know whether or not this is true without speaking to an attorney.

There are many different moving parts in a motor vehicle accident case, and it is extremely important that you have someone to look out for you at all times. You need an experienced legal team to protect your interests and help you understand exactly what your case is worth before you agree to accept a settlement offer.

How long will my case take?

There is no way to know for sure without performing a review of your claims. We need to know what happened, the insurance companies involved, as well as the injuries that you have suffered. In some cases, you may need additional treatment, which may mean that it will take longer to bring your case to an end.

Know that we are prepared for whatever may happen with your claims. From the moment we begin representing you, we are focused on reaching a settlement with the opposing parties. If these offers are nowhere near the value of your claims, we are experienced litigators and are ready to go to court to best protect your interests.

What will I have to pay upfront?

Nothing. When you work with us, there are no costs that you are responsible for at the onset of your case. We take care of all of the bills and expenses that accumulate while your case is pending. We receive our fees when we receive a successful resolution of your claims. This means that there is absolutely no risk to you to work with us on your case.

What should I expect to receive for my case?

This is going to again depend upon the injuries and damages that are connected to your accident. Because each case is so factually specific, we need to meet with you to be able to provide you with an accurate assessment of the value of your claims.

We will carefully review all of the factors that may impact the compensation you can expect to receive. We will explain the types of recovery available to you under California law, and then pursue maximum compensation from the responsible parties. We will explain the terms of any settlement offers and help you understand whether or not they are in your best interests.

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