Handling Serious Injury Claims Resulting From Trucking Accidents

Roadways across California, especially in the San Fernando Valley, are filled with semitrucks and other commercial vehicles. Motorists near these vehicles need to pay close attention to their surroundings, as truck drivers have less visibility than drivers of passenger cars. If they make a sudden move, they may not have the clearance they need to avoid an accident. The size of these vehicles can make stopping or other evasive action impossible, leading to accidents.

Some of the most common causes of trucking accidents include:

  • Mechanical failures, such as defective brakes, due to improper maintenance of vehicles
  • Driver distraction, including the use of a cellphone while driving an 18-wheeler
  • Driver fatigue or operating in excess of posted hours-of-service rules
  • Driver impairment, including using alcohol or drugs
  • Rollovers or jackknife accidents caused by drivers making maneuvers that result in them losing control over their vehicles
  • Falling objects or load shifting caused when the cargo is not properly secured

At Asatryan Law, our attorneys know that the serious injuries suffered in these crashes can cause major problems for you and your family. Our team takes a very compassionate approach in your case, making sure you get the care you need, and the compensation you deserve after your crash. We are committed to putting you in a position to recover the full value of your claims to deal with the expenses connected to your accident.

Holding Drivers And Companies Responsible For Their Actions

The trucking industry is highly regulated, but, companies and drivers still have very strict deadlines that they must meet to remain on schedule. This often results in drivers having to take aggressive action to meet these goals. These actions may make roadways less safe for any motorists who encounter one of these vehicles on the road.

Because of the severity of injuries suffered in these accidents, the insurance companies might try to settle your case quickly. They may call you afterward and make an offer that seems like it meets your current medical expenses.

No matter how friendly the insurers may appear, they are concerned first and foremost about their bottom line. Settling your accident claim for as little as possible is their only goal. You should never talk to an insurance company without first talking to a lawyer. You need to know what sort of costs you will experience later if your injuries require more extensive care.

What Matters Most Is You

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