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Truck accidents carry an extremely high degree of risk

The odds of being hurt in a truck accident are exceptionally high for those in passenger cars. Part of the reason for this increased risk is just that trucks are so heavy, often weighing 25 times what a passenger car weighs. That's a lot of potential energy to be transferred into the smaller vehicle.

When two small cars collide, the forces are roughly even. Obviously, things like excessive speed and built-in safety features still mean the risk isn't exactly the same, but it's closer. With a semi, it's often not close at all. Semi drivers are relatively safe, but those in sedans and other small passengers cars can be seriously hurt or killed.

Trucks also increase the risk in cases where they're carrying dangerous materials. Gasoline, flammable chemicals, industrial waste and other such materials can be transported on the highways and side streets of California. Drivers may not even realize it, but they could be just a few feet away from a cargo that will easily burst into flame if there's an accident. Those who are not hurt in the initial crash -- and who perhaps were not even involved -- could be killed or suffer significant secondary injuries.

Trucking isn't going to stop. It's a staple of industry in the United States. Some semis even carry two trailers to increase their capacity -- and their weight. Drivers must simply be aware of the risks that they face every day.

If they're injured, they also have to know what rights they have to seek compensation. For serious injuries and fatal accidents, this compensation may come from the driver and/or the company that owned and operated the truck itself. If you want to know more about your options, our website can give you some of the most important information that you need.

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