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Stay safe when you spot drunk drivers early

When you are on the road, it is not enough to just be aware of your own driving. Unfortunately, other drivers may not make the best decisions, and you must drive defensively to protect those in your vehicle. The dangers of drunk driving are many, and your family is at risk when a drunk driver is on the road around you. If you are concerned another driver is under the influence and you feel you need to report it, watch for the following signs of drunk driving.

Erratic driving behavior

Alcohol can slow down the central nervous system and cause drivers to react slowly to stimulus. This may mean they brake erratically, stop for no reason or have a slow response to other traffic signals, such as stop signs or traffic lights. They may also drive slower than 10 miles per hour under the posted speed limit for long periods of time. Watch for illegal or abrupt turning or quick deceleration or acceleration.

Drunk drivers may also have a hard time staying in their lane or may change lanes frequently with no signal. You may notice drunk drivers signaling that they plan to turn right when in fact they are moving left. They may also swerve all over the road for no apparent reason.

In what is often the worst-case scenarios, drunk drivers may end up driving into oncoming traffic with no idea they are going the wrong way. They often hit other vehicles, curbs or objects on the road. They may also straddle the center lane marker.

What to do when you encounter a drunk driver

These are all common signs that another driver is under the influence of alcohol while driving. If you spot a drunk driver and fear for the safety of others, you should always do one of the following:

  • Stay as far away from the vehicle as possible.
  • Do not attempt to get the vehicle to pull over or pass it as this could end in a collision.
  • Take a note of the license plate number along with the color, make and model of the car, but do not compromise your own driving or safety to get the information.
  • Pull over and call emergency services with a description and location of the vehicle and details about the driver's actions.

If you have been injured because another driver was under the influence on the road and you have a hard time keeping up because of medical bills, lost income or pain and suffering, we encourage you to consult an attorney immediately.

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