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Car accidents claim lives and take their toll on families

One minute, a driver is sitting at a red light waiting for it to change. The next minute, there is a crash. The unsuspecting driver is killed in yet another of the many car accidents that happen on California roadways.

According to witnesses, the driver of a Toyota Corolla was waiting at a red light to make a left-hand turn. The driver of a pickup truck came up behind her without stopping. The truck, which was also loaded down with a camper and trailer, crashed into the smaller vehicle and pushed it into the intersection. The car and pickup finally stopped when they then collided with a bus, pushing it into a pole.

Witnesses indicate that the car was crushed and the driver unrecognizable. Authorities are still trying to determine why the pickup truck did not stop. One theory is that its brakes malfunctioned. Additionally, alcohol and drugs have not been ruled out. Tests are being conducted, and officers are awaiting those results.

Car accidents often occur without warning; in a situation such as this one, a life ended without warning. Loved ones are left to grieve and remember those last few moments they were able to spend with the victim. Compounding the grief are the many financial concerns that will need to be addressed also. In addition to funeral costs and other expenses associated with the accident, the family will suffer the loss of this individual's income and contribution to the family. In a case like this one, if the driver at fault is believed to have been negligent, it is possible that the family will decide to file a claim in a California's civil court.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, "Woman Killed In Violent Crash In Santa Clarita", Nov. 4, 2017

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