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Road rage often results in car accidents

Drivers often face a number of challenges. In addition to watching out for road hazards, California drivers must also remain vigilant and aware of the other drivers on the road. Car accidents often occur when something happens to cause the driver to lose focus.

Road rage has become a problem along many roads throughout the state and country. For whatever reason, a driver does something that upsets another driver. Perhaps the driver is not going fast enough or changes lanes. Regardless of the reason, another driver becomes upset and decides to do something about it. This action often results in what has become known as road rage.

Last June, a motorcyclist apparently became upset and kicked another car as he drove by. That car shifted over, hit the center divide rail, came back into traffic and collided with a pickup truck. The driver of the pickup truck was injured in the accident.

The motorcyclist was recently arrested and charged with assault in addition to hit-and-run and reckless driving. In addition to the damage done to the vehicles in this accident, one driver was injured and the other may have suffered emotional duress as a result of the apparent road rage incident. In order to seek restitution for these issues, it may be necessary for these drivers to seek recourse through California's civil court system.

Car accidents caused by road rage appear to be increasing. Such action puts drivers and their passengers at risk. If one is a victim of such action and suffers loss as a result, it may be time to seek a legal remedy.

Source:, "Arrest made in Santa Clarita chain-reaction crash triggered by apparent road rage", Feb. 28, 2018

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